Thank God and Greyhound, they’re gone!

Top Left:  Makarov  type, Hungarian PA-63    Top right:  Sig Sauer P232  .380 ACP     Bottom Left:  Bersa Thunder 380            

Here ere the guns that I used to own and obviously hated to shoot (Mararov) , or couldn’t stand malfunctions. They were all very beautiful. (Sig P233, the most)  They all either extremely picky in their diets, or attempted to jump out of your hand, several of them both.
When I say extremely picky, i mean they jammed, stove-piped, failed to eject, or jailed to feed, or double fed, some all of the above. When I say tried to jump out of your hand, i mean kicked like a mule. The one thing they all had in common was that they were blow-back operated.
Blow-back is fixed barrel design using the powder blow-back to cock the gun, extract the empty and load the new cartridge.
The first gun I bought was a Bersa Thunder 380. Very pretty. However, It would not shoot ANY ammo brand consistently. It had a heavy muzzle flip and a hearty kick. If it doesn’t work all the time, every time, I don’t want it, no matter how pretty it is. Since then I have learned that shooting ranges that rent guns will not carry the Bersa, because they break.  It takes a 300 Lb. gorilla to rack the slide on it.
The second gun was the Sig Sauer P232, 380 ACP. Extremely pretty, and the most expensive, but you could not trust it.  It was well balanced in the hand, but very hard to rack. I tried several different weight recoil springs, all to no avail. It worked and kicked much like the first. It is gone! I often wish I had kept it because it was a collectable, but it would have been locked away. Not fun to shoot.  It also takes a 250 Lb gorilla to rack the slide.  Believe me, James Bond did NOT carry this gun.  Bond could have done the accurate shooting with a Walther PPS or PPQ, not the PPK.  (PPK, Pure Fiction)
The third was the Hungarian made FEG PA-63 (Russian Makarov Knock-off) 9 X 18.  I could hardly shoot one magazine before it hurt my hand.  (The nastiest shooting gun I have ever tried to shoot.) The ammo is commonly called Makarov ammo. It also seems louder than the 9mm. It will not fit anything else! Not as pretty as the first two, smaller, and heavier, (the weight should make it shoot better.)  . It looked more like the Walther PPK that James Bond carried. (Probably why I bought it in the first place) AND It was cheap. I took it to a gun show to sell it and sold it in the lobby on the way in for what I gave for it, $200. I also tried several recoil springs in this gun as well, to no avail. It takes a 400 Lb. gorilla to rack it. I bought a racking device to help save my hands.
Dubious Mention:  I have one more gun that I carry, and plan to keep unless I give it to a family member, or sell, which ever comes first.  It is NOT fun to shoot, but it is a device for personal protection. It is a .380 ACP as well. It is NOT a blow-back, but a locked breech gun.  It is so small that I can carry it in my pants pocket with or without a holster.  When fired,  It tries to jump out of your hand – muzzle flip is so strong. It is the Ruger LCP, the original, black, light weight, too light to be stable in the hand.   It eats most everything I have fed it.  it is good protection.  Note:  It also takes a 250 Lb. gorilla to rack it.  It rates Dubious Mention because of the “Love – Hate” relationship I have with it.  Love to carry it!  Hate to shoot it!  380 ACP 95 grain ammo now travels at nearly  the speed of a 115 grain 9mm. (1080 FPS vs 1200 FPS)  More expensive than 9mm.  Except for my EDC (Every Day Carry) (Concealed Carry)  guns I am moving to the 9mm to save on Ammo.   I have a new IWB (inside the Waist Band) holster from Alien Gear.  I will try to report on it soon.


I hate Glocks, But I love my G42

Everybody knows that I hate Glocks.  BUT,  I love my Glock G42.

It is not pretty.  It does not fit my hand like the Sig P250, or even the Kimber micro 380.  The Sig Sauer P250 is not pretty either, but it feels good in the hand.  The Kimber micro has less recoil than the Glock G42.  The little Kimber weighs more, therefore has less recoil, and looks a lot prettier.  However, The Glock    G42 can be counted on to fire, “first time, every time”.  The Glock  fits in my pocket, not great, like the Kimber, but it is usable as a concealed carry from the front pants pocket.  There’s not much else to be said about the Glock G42.  If you want something relatively small, that can be carried EDC in the front pants pocket, looks just “OKay” and is totally reliable.  You can bet your life on the Glock G42, probably any Glock.  I shot a G26 a couple of weeks ago and was not impressed.  I hate the G19.  The one I would like to try is the new sister (or brother) of the G42, the new G43, 9mm.  Only slightly larger than the G42 and and few ounces heavier.  I don’t know anyone who has one.

My next gun has to be a small, or mid-sized, compact 1911.  I love the hammer and would prefer double action. I don’t know what that looks like yet.

I think I’ll run a contest.  What is your favorite semi-automatic, either 9mm or .380 ACP? NO REVOLVERS Please!  Oh, and price needs to be under $600.  Your job will be to try to sell me on the idea of your favorite pistol.   The prize is to go shooting with me, and I’ll let you shoot all of my guns, including  The new one that you convince me to buy for Christmas.  (if you win, and of course if I can get that past my CFO)  If you sell me on the idea of  a particular gun, I will appreciate it and you don’t “Have” to go shooting with me.  Let me know either on FB or on my blog.

Kimber Micro Stainless Steel 380

I got my Kimber Micro Stainless 380 back the other day.   I bought the  life time warranty from Gander Mountain for $29.95.   Guess What?  Gander Mountain has been sold and the warranty is hence forth worthless.  The good news is that  it covered the $99 repair bill.

They also replaced the springs and aligned the sights.  The targets showed about 3″ off at 10 yards, not bad.  It shot a lot better, more accurate and tighter groups.

After another day at the range, It is much better.  First I dry fired “snap-caps” for 2 days, 100 rounds each day.  I took it back to the range with 4 boxes of  ammo, 2 boxes of cheap Russian, dirty ammo.  It mostly fired them, a few failed to chamber the round.  Then, 50 rounds of new cheap ammo, 3 or 4 fail to chamber the round.  Then  box of the good stuff, hollow point, It fired “mo betta”, about 3 rounds failed to chamber.  AND Lastly, Fiocchi  ball ammo, shot best, still “no cigar”.  It failed to chamber 2 times and stove piped once.  Since they polished the ramp, it now dry feeds hollow points very well.

Before sending it back again to Kimber, I plan to find out what it thinks it’s “filet mignon” is and try that.  The next step might be to  call Kimber and ask  them to send a stronger recoil spring.   Any Ideas????


Pavona 9mm compact

EAA Witness Tanfoglio Pavona 9mm Compact


This is the EAA Witness Tanfoglio Pavona 9mm Compact that I bought this week.  It is a CZ-75-B knock off made in Italy, by women for women.  Which means  very low recoil and easy to rack.  I put 100 rounds through it without a glitch.  It shoots better than my Sig Sauer P250 9mm.  That is saying a lot.

Until now I had said that the Sig Sauer P250 was the best shooting gun I had ever shot.  The Pavona has won, hands down, the best, easy to shoot, accurate, even feels better in my hand.  The first time out I took out the bulls eye completely at 15 yards.   NICE!